Captain Yoav Giladi, a master mariner by qualification and profession with a career in the shipping industry now spanning 43 years which includes 21 years at sea, is operating within close proximity of the port of Durban. His clients include ships' agents, ship owners, charterers and stevedores together with the fishing and offshore industries. Qualification and experience : these are the two pilars upon which any reliable work and systematic support can be expected. These, Captain Yoav Giladi possesses in addition to a great respect for the sea and a life-long learning code which encompasses a multitude of different problem-solving situations under all latitudes.

1949-1959 At age 16, I worked as a motorboat helms-man, servicing passengers and supplying in Haifa harbour from the quay to the breakwater and from the quay to outer-anchorage! Joining then my first vessel in 1950 as a Deck-Boy and then as a O.S. and latter E.D.H., I joined the Navy in 1952 and was sent to the Naval Academy. In 1954 I qualified as a Naval Deck Officer and went back to the Merchant Navy to move up from Able-Seaman rank to Chief-Officer

1959-1969 In June 1964, I graduated as a Master Mariner and received the command on a schoolship trading between Israel and the African West Coast on a log trade. As a Master Mariner, I was teaching several maritime subjects, i.e. astronomical, navigation, magnetism, ship construction and stability, sailing and so forth... In 1969, I became Captain of a reefer vessel working between Israel, South Africa and South America carrying fish and meat from RSA to Israel.

1969-1979 Sailing until the early seventies, I started then a ship agency for the ZIM LINE in South Africa while managing the Israeli fishing fleet from Namibia. Called 'SAFCOR SHIPPING' (now known as 'POLARIS SHIPPING'), I developed that agency from 1973 and left in the early 80's to form my own known as 'STAR SHIPPING AGENCIES'.

1979 - 1990's Having a career in shipping spanning over 43 years, including 21 years at sea, charterer and broker, I have still found the time to sail privately a "Gypsy" and a "Vivacity" during the eighties. In early 90's, I bought a 45 feet yacht and converted her to an outright motor sailer. Fitted with one main sail and an American Genoa furls, she handles very well sails and its 65 h.p. Perkins Marine engine.
Forty three years spent in shipping also allowed me to build a rich experience and knowledge in cost-effective routings, Port specifications, discharge and loadings regulations, new project investigations and, most of all to create a rich web of contacts all over the world which cannot be underestimated in its support to achieve efficiency and success.

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